OPT Reporting
F-1 students on an approved Optional Practical Training (OPT) must meet various reporting requirements in order to maintain status.

Requirements on Post-Completion OPT:

Student on Post-Completion OPT have 90 days of aggregated unemployment.
  • If you are struggling to find a job, please consider volunteering (your volunteer work will have to be related to your major).
  • You are also required to work full-time (21 hours plus).

All students who have been approved for Post-Completion OPT should have access to the SEVP Portal.
  • The link should have been sent to your personal email. If you didn’t receive it, it might mean that the Office of International Programs does not have your current personal e-mail address. Please email the Office of International Programs to update your information.

The SEVP Portal should be used to update your current address and phone number (which is required within 10 days of the changes). The SEVP Portal should also be used to add/update information about your employer.
  • If you are struggling with using this website, contact the Office of International Programs to provide you an alternative way to report your employment information.

Requirements on STEM OPT Extension:
Type of Report Deadline Documentation How to Report
New/Updated Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Within 10 days of receiving a new/updated EAD Attach a copy of your new/updated EAD
Change in Employment Status Within 5 days of employment change occurring If leaving a job, attach a final I-983 self-evaluation
If starting a new job, complete a new I-983
STEM Validation Report Every 6 months starting from the date the STEM Extension begins None
Material Change in I-983 Training Plan for STEM OPT Within 5 days of change occurring Attach an updated I-983 signed by both student and employer
Self Evaluation of Training Progress Evaluation on Student Progress is due within 12-months of the STEM start date.
Final Evaluation report is within 10 days of STEM conclusion.
Attach completed Evaluation on Student Progress or Final Evaluation on Student Progress on I-983 signed by both student and employer
Note: If you have already started a request, do not start a new one. Please go to your User Home Page to continue working on your existing request.

If you have any questions, please email iss@uwsuper.edu or call 715-394-8138.